A modern city project with lavender gardens by Sur Yapı; Lavender

Sur Yapı has introduced Lavender with its magnificent and urban architecture and lavender gardens, ponds, huge open spaces, shops along the boulevard. The project offering an urban life beside its modern and luxurious structure with its 550 million TL investment, will be built in Sancaktepe which is the most favored district in the Asian side.

Within the body of Sur Corporate Groups Sur Yapı starts the project Lavender. With its urban and luxurious architecture, the project has a total 105.000 m2 construction site for 3 different type of residence block on 43,000 m2 field.  The project has 535 residence and shops in 3 different  blocks called lake, garden and  terrace. Lavender has 29 different residence options made up of 1+1, 2+1, 3+1, 4+1 (4 bedroom + 1 living room) as well as lakes, gardens and  wide greeneries.

There is a 60 month interest-free payment for the first 100 residences!

Altan Elmas underlined that they prepared a visionary project that is next to TEM highway with its luxurious and urban architecture, lavender gardens, ponds, shops along the boulevard in Sancaktepe which has the highest population growth and an increasing popularity in Asian Side since 2013 and he also stated that: “Ever growing Sancaktepe surrounding the city center, is gaining importance with the public transportation, the metro, the third bridge, the hospitals, the universities and its location to TEM highway.”

He also added: “We continue to make investments on the region which we assume to continue gaining importance rapidly by the public investments such as the third bridge, the high-speed train and metro. For the launch, we have different payment options starting from 315,000 TL with 10% + 10% discount for full pre-payments or pre-payments with loans and we offer 60 month interest-free payment for the first 100 residences.”

Very Luxurious lake blocks 

Beside 3 different block types, the project has detached houses by the pond. Lake blocks that remind of luxurious mansions, consist of 3+1 and 4+1 residences and have 2 residences  per storey. In the lake blocks designed for  big families, residences have huge balconies so that people can enjoy the nature from their home.  

In the project Lavender you will see gardens full of lavender...

Sur Yapı is offering a peaceful life with lavender gardens, grass fields, piers on the lake, picnic fields, lodges by the lake, ponds and water parks in the project Lavender. The project offering 1+1, 2+1, 3+1, 4+1 residences ranging between 57 m2 and 226 m2 in 3 different blocks draws attention with its urban architecture.

Lavender also fascinates with its gorgeous landscape architecture. Red buds, purple and pink flower gardens, silk trees, creepe trees defined as one of the most beautiful signs of fall, ever green magnolias, drooping willows, olive trees, lime trees known for their cooling  shadow, hornbeams and maples with huge trunks decorate the big garden and the pond.

Lavender is a living project with its social features...

Beside its luxurious and comfortable residences, Lavender has a lot of facilities for various activities. In the project walking tracks, picnic fields, 1 outdoor, and 2 indoor swimming pools,  a paddling pool,  amphitheaters, outdoor sport fields, gardens, arbours, a fitness center,  bathhouses, a pilates room, a yoga saloon and an outdoor semi-olympic pool offer an urban life style.

Lavender project offers kids a fun world. Tents, pirate ships, huts, adventure parks, trampolines, table tennis, skateboard park, cycling paths and  areas for roller skates and battery-powered cars are well placed in this project for the entertainment of kids from different ages.

In the rising value of Asian Side, Sancaktepe Lavender has a charming location

The project Lavender has a great location in Sancaktepe which is the most favored region and the greatest rising value in Asian Side. Three side of the project has a connection with the road and the project has also a connection with TEM highway. North Marmara highway and high-speed train line are neighbors to Lavender and Samandıra station of Çekmeköy-Sancaktepe metro line stands just next to the the project. It takes only 20 minutes from Sancaktepe to Üsküdar, 30 minutes to Yenikapı and 45 minutes to Taksim via metro.  

The biggest city hospital of Turkey and Europe with the capacity of 4100 beds and approximately 100,000 daily patients, the state university to be established and the high speed train line whose only station in Asian Side is located in Sancaktepe stand very close to the Project Lavender.

Fair prices starting from 315,000 TL with 10% + 10% discount for pre-payments

In the most favored region of the Asian Side, Sancaktepe the project Lavender offers payment options starting from 315,000 TL with 10% + 10% discount for full pre-payments or pre-payments with loans. Besides, it offers 60 month interest-free payment for the first 100 residences.

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