Sur Energy- Tepehan HES

Our Tepehen HES project that we developed as Sur Enerji, is situatedon Siro streamlet passing trough Pütürge district within the boundaries ofMalatya in the Eastern Anatolia Region. Tepehan HES project consists of theregulator, tunnel, channel, forebay and powerhouse. Tepehan HES project of SurEnerji will have a total installed power of 17.5MW with 2 pieces of 8.75MWepowered Francis turbines. Tepehan HES project the construction works of which westarted in 2012 as Sur Enerji is planned to be got into operation within2017.  Thanks to Tepehan HES project withan approximate annual production capacity of 54GWh; while meeting the energyneeds of 18000 households; 31193 tonnes of CO2 emission will beprevented.


Project Details

PROJECT DATE: Aralık 2020

LOCATION: , Malatya


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