What makes us different?

Since the first day we started business, honesty, perfectionism, team spirit, innovativeness, sense of ownership, stability and entrepreneurship have been among the values we attached the highest importance. We have always adopted the principle of transparency towards our clientele, business partners and employees. We aim to do our best within the shortest possible, with the ideal budget and by means of following the latest technological advancements. Thanks to the reputation, experience and knowledge we built up, we are taking firm steps to the future. We are not only involved in the management of the processes from the design stage to the turnkey, but also provide after-sale services to the homeowners to make them feel that we are always with them. Prioritizing customer satisfaction, we continuously improve our way of communication with our clients within the conditions of the present day. We combine our concern for communication with the clients with technology and bring a breath of new life to the real estate sector with out iHome application. With this attitude, we work with all our strength to show our brand identity and embody the reliability of Sur Yapı in all our projects, launching every new project with the same enthusiasm as in our first day.

Who are we?

Since the establishment in 1992, we have successfully accomplished many prestigious projects and gained a leading position in the construction industry. We have become a prominent actor in the sector as a group of companies doing high-quality work from the design stage to the delivery of turnkey services including product development and architectural design and construction as well as office and shopping mall projects, site management, second-hand site management and leasing and management services for shopping mall projects. We aim to make a lasting contribution to the society we live in by investing in the future to create ideal conditions for people to live. As we are steadily growing, we also continue to achieve success in the energy sector that we were involved in 2007.

What we did & What we do

We, as Sur Yapı, launch various projects including residences, office buildings, marinas, shopping centers and industrial facilities as well as the projects of mixed-use centers that incorporate many or most of these projects.

• Since the day of establishment, we have achieved a great many projects over a total of 3.5 million square meters. 

• We completed various residential projects such as Greenium Villas, Villa Sera, Selvice Houses, Dora Park, Mahalle İstanbul, Adapark, Metrogarden, Exen İstanbul, Corridor Rezidance, Tilia, İdilia, Vitrin, İlkbahar, İlkbahar 2, Mirage, Gölbahçe and Lavender. 

• We also managed both the design and construction phases of the headquarters for many great companies operating at the national and international level including 3M, Novartis, Total, Opet, Sony, Bosch-Siemens, Nobel İlaç, Casper, Aviva and Swiss Life Group.

• We built on our success with the investments in numerous A plus office and shopping center projects. 

• After opening Axis Kağıthane Shopping Mall in Istanbul in July, 2013, we put into service Metrogarden Shopping Mall in Umraniye in September, 2014 and finally Axis Istanbul shopping Mall in May 2015. 

• As well as these projects, we're also running activities in full swing for Sur Yapı Brand Residence & Mall located in Nilufer, Bursa. 

• Since 2007, we have completed 4 hydroelectric power plants and 2 wind power plants and still continue our investments in renewable energy.


We invest in the future and aim for a society living in ideal conditions. Our mission is to construct the civilization and to make a lasting contribution to the society we live in.


The reputation, experience and knowledge we built up all contribute to paving the way to our ideal. We are walking towards the future with the strength we gathered from the past. Because we have an ideal and a lot to do to achieve this ideal.

Contact Us

Burhaniye St. Abdullahağa Ave. No:21 / 34676 Altunizade Üsküdar/Istanbul

(216) 556 08 00 (Pbx)

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