Who Are We?

Since the launch of our operations in 1992, we have successfully implemented many prestigious projects and become a pioneer in the industry. We have completed over 7.5 million square meters of work since our establishment. We have implemented dozens of branded housing projects, which is our main line of business, and delivered aesthetically-pleasing, healthy, and safe houses to 40,000 people. As Sur Yapı, we stand out as a group of companies engaged in product development, turnkey contracting, development of office and shopping mall projects, housing estate management, housing estate second-hand management, and shopping mall leasing and management, starting from the project phase. We aim to create the most ideal living conditions by investing in the future, and to add permanent value to the society with every work. While we continue to grow steadily in the construction industry, we also achieve success in the energy industry, where we started our operations in 2007.

What Have We Done and What Do We Do?

As Sur Yapı, we do not only develop branded housing, office, shopping mall, and industrial facility projects, but also build mixed projects, which include many or all of these projects. Since our establishment, we have implemented 127 projects with over 7.5 million square meters of construction work.

• We have implemented the following housing projects in Istanbul and Bursa: Greenium Villas, Villa Sera, Selvice Houses, Dora Park, Mahalle Istanbul, Adapark, Metrogarden, Exen Istanbul, Corridor Residences, Tilia, İdilia, Vitrin, Marka Residence, İlkbahar, İlkbahar 2, Mirage Residence, Gölbahçe Houses, Lavender, Şehir Konakları, Bahçeyaka, Tempo City, Topkapı Evleri, YeşilMavi, and Excellence Koşuyolu.

• We have also designed and built the head offices of many national and international large companies, such as 3M, Novartis, Total, Opet, Sony, Bosch-Siemens, Nobel İlaç, Casper, Aviva, and İsviçre Hayat Sigorta.

• We have topped our achievements with numerous A-plus office and shopping mall investments.

• We have built shopping mall projects in order to expand our geographic reach and improve our knowledge and experience.

• We put into service Axis Kağıthane Shopping Mall in Istanbul in June 2013; Metrogarden Shopping Mall in Ümraniye, Istanbul, in September 2014; Axis Istanbul Shopping Mall in May 2015; and Sur Yapı Marka Shopping Mall in Nilüfer, Bursa, in June 2017.

• Our energy investments, which started in 2007, continue mainly with renewable energy investments, including 4 hydroelectric power plants and 2 wind power plants.

• In 2017, we launched Turkey’s largest and exemplary urban transformation project in Antalya. The new city, which will be home to approximately 70,000 people and have 19,000 independent units, is rapidly rising on a land of 1.3 million sq. meters. In the Antalya Project, the delivery of houses has been continuing without interruption since June 2019.

• In 2019, we opened our European Head Office in Cologne, Germany, in order to quickly respond to the demands of Europeans and Turkish people living in Europe who wish to own a house in Turkey, in line with our global growth vision. We carry out housing and contracting activities in Germany through our European Head Office.

• In 2021, we launched the Sur Yapı Vacation Homes Antalya project, applying our experience in real estate, retail, asset management, and energy to the tourism industry.

• In 2022, we took another important step in line with our global growth vision and opened our head office and sales office in Baku, Azerbaijan.

What Makes Us Different?

Integrity, perfectionism, team spirit, innovation, ownership, stability, and entrepreneurship have always been among our core values since our very first day in operation. We adopted a transparent approach towards our customers, business partners, and employees. We aim to deliver the best work possible with the most ideal budget in the shortest amount of time by following new technologies. We are moving towards the future stronger with the reputation, experience, and knowledge we have acquired. We do not only monitor all processes from the beginning of the project to the delivery, but we also ensure that those who become homeowners in our projects feel supported at all times thanks to our after-sales services. We prioritize customer satisfaction and constantly develop the best ways to communicate with customers under today’s conditions. In line with this approach, we strive to emphasize the brand identity and reliability of Sur Yapı in our projects and build each new project with the same excitement.

Our Mission

We invest in the future with the aim of enabling people to live under the most ideal conditions. Our mission is to improve the civilization and add permanent value to the society with every work.

Our Vision

The reputation, experience, and knowledge that we have acquired support us on our journey towards our goals. We are moving towards the future with the strength we draw from the past. It is because we have a goal and have a lot to do to achieve it.

Contact Us

Burhaniye St. Abdullahağa Ave. No:21 / 34676 Altunizade Üsküdar/Istanbul

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