Human Resources

It is essential to enable every employee in the company to gain the habit of attitude-behavior related to understanding their responsibility as a member of the teams required by their position in the organizational structure and behaving in harmony with the team spirit.

Within the context of keeping the most qualified and talented staff at all levels of the organization, the following points are taken into consideration:

  • Recruiting employees not more than needed and enabling the staff to work most efficiently.
  • Assigning competent employees that meet the needs of the tasks and enabling all staff to grow and develop in accordance with their skills and competencies,
  • Respecting the personality of the Staff, protecting their rights related to personnel affairs,
  • Encouraging and rewarding the employees and increasing their knowledge and grace, striving to raise employees (competent staff ) from within for the vacant positions and giving priority to these raised employees from within in the placements,
  • Timely informing the employees on the issues concerning them, developing communication methods that will enable them to easily express their opinions and thoughts to the management,
  • Creating a business environment that will increase the staff’s will to work with all the managers and ensuring the establishment of good human relations.

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