Sur Yapı Mahalle İstanbul

With the Sur Yapı Mahalle Istanbul residential project, you will witness the comeback of thelong-awaited concept of neighborhood on the Anatolian side. Sur Yapı Mahalle IstanbulResidences will offer a fresh and extremely different life for you, mixing thecomfort and advantages of the modern times with the values of the good oldtimes.

Incorporatingall kinds of facilities including a swimming pool, mini basketball court,playgrounds, fitness center, steam room, cafe and bar, Sur Yapı MahalleIstanbul will be a residential project aiming to become the only neighborhoodof the modern times.

Mahalle Istanbul is YourNeighborhood

If you missliving differently and wish you could live another life in which you can justbe yourself and always find an intimate friendship...

Then you arefrom the Mahalle.

MahalleIstanbul opens the door of a wonderful life. Mahalle Istanbul Residences arewaiting for you to become a huge family.

Mahalle Istanbul Residencesare Meant for Your Children

Which of us didnot grow up flying a kite, skipping a rope, playing hopscotch and dodge ball?Sur Yapı is launching the Mahalle Istanbul project to ensure that children cangrow up making real friends, rather than playing today's virtual games.

Whatever we missabout our childhood will revive for our children in the Mahalle IstanbulResidences.

This is a Sportive Neighborhood

At MahalleIstanbul, sports will cease to be a difficult-to-access luxury activity andbecome a lifestyle.  Incorporating theareas used for walking or running, a fitness center, steam rooms and a swimmingpool, Mahalle Istanbul will help you make a habit out of a healthy lifestyle.

People Live Hand-in-Hand with Their Friends at MahalleIstanbul.

MahalleIstanbul will provide both a fresh life surrounded by lush green areas and anopportunity to become a huge family together with your friends.  Mahalle Istanbul will revive the sense andspirit of neighborhood with the values as solidarity and friendship.

Sur Yapıensures that whatever you miss about your past will revive at Mahalle Istanbultogether with your friends.

Project Details

LOCATION: Sancaktepe, İstanbul

SQUARE METER: 60 - 230

ROOM TYPES: 1+1, 2+1, 3+1, 4+1, 5+1

PROJECT TYPE: Residential

Contact Us

Burhaniye St. Abdullahağa Ave. No:21 / 34676 Altunizade Üsküdar/Istanbul

(216) 556 08 00 (Pbx)

(216) 422 65 14

[email protected]

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