Sur Yapı Mirage Rezidans

Glowing with its central location hosting some of İstanbul’s leading investments i.e. residences, 5-star hotels, private schools and universities as well as private hospitals, Güneşli, keeps on advancing  with new investments each passing day. Being the home to some of the most prestigious residences, Güneşli will now have a rising star - Sur Yapı's Mirage Residence project which will definitely be the focus of new investments in Güneşli, nowadays called as the 2nd Maslak. Sur Yapı Mirage Residence is about to claim its rightful place among the most prestigious residence projects in Güneşli. 

With the options of 1+1, 2+1, 3+1, 4+1 flats, 342 luxurious residence flats and 60 stores, the prestigious Sur Yapı Mirage Residence is the right choice in Güneşli for your plans for the future as it will surely amplify the worth of your investment each day.


You can find all bits of elegance in Sur Yapı Mirage Residence projects thanks to their exclusive and unique landscaping, playgrounds for children, semi-olympic outdoor pool, sports and social facilities.

Sur Yapı Mirage Residence deserves to be under the spotlight in the region with its elegant residence project and dashing architecture. 342 luxurious residence flats located in 3 apartment blocks reaching towards the sky offer a tasteful life. With the stores under each block, the shopping opportunities along the inner boulevard meet all kinds of needs.


Offering a life in direct contact with nature in the middle of the city, Sur Yapı Mirage Residence's harmony with the nature will help you unwind after a long day. Looking out your window at your home in Sur Yapı Mirage Residence, the view of the eco-friendly exclusive landscaping designed using various textures, it will feel like living in a dreamland.

Scent gardens, gateways decorated with wine leaves, and reflection pools will give you peace, and you will just lose track of time gazing at different flowers each season. Committed to introducing some peace in your life, Sur Yapı Mirage Residence will get even more beautiful with you living inside. If you chose to live here, you can salute the spring with the pinwheels you crafted and spend the summer evenings in the vineyards, under the glowing torches. While showcasing your works at the arts garden, you can watch the children chase after butterflies.


Project Details

LOCATION: Güneşli, İstanbul

SQUARE METER: 58 - 234

ROOM TYPES: 1+1, 2+1, 3+1, 4+1

PROJECT TYPE: Residential

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Burhaniye St. Abdullahağa Ave. No:21 / 34676 Altunizade Üsküdar/Istanbul

(216) 556 08 00 (Pbx)

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