Sur Yapı Tilia

Sitting onÇekmeköy Taşdelen, Sur Yapı's Tilia project is inspired by not only İstanbul'sageless spirit, but also the nature itself.

For instance,it is impossible to forget about the green and blue when you are living in SurYapı Tilia residences. You will have the chance to take part in social andsports activities right in the middle of the nature.

And ofcourse, that unique scent of lindens will wash you off all your worries in aheartbeat.


Crape myrtle,full blossom magnolia, cercis... Most beautiful colors of nature meet here atÇekmeköy Taşdelen Tilia residences. You will feel like you are on a tour arounda botanical garden each day. At the patio of Tilia residences, we offer asocial life area we call "Taşdelen Sedir" which serves as a source ofoxygen. Here you will have a life in contact with nature 24/7 thanks to theparks as well as sports and resting areas decorated with ladens and magnoliatrees.


You wouldn'timagine a nature without water. At Sur Yapı Tilia project -the apple ofÇekmeköy Taşdelen’s eye- the water concept is in harmony with the green areaswithin the patio. The "still", "running" and"dripping" forms of water also create a micro-climate.


Project Details

LOCATION: Çekmeköy, İstanbul

SQUARE METER: 50 - 225

ROOM TYPES: 1+1, 2+1, 3+1, 4+1

PROJECT TYPE: Residential

Contact Us

Burhaniye St. Abdullahağa Ave. No:21 / 34676 Altunizade Üsküdar/Istanbul

(216) 556 08 00 (Pbx)

(216) 422 65 14

[email protected]

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