Sur Yapı Dorapark

Homeownersare enjoying a pleasant life at Dora Park launched with a groundbreaking inMarch 2006 and completed within a short period of time by Sur Yapı, the leadingcompany that made a difference to the housing industry with the modernarchitectural design and quality of its projects as well as its principle ofoperation based on prioritizing customer satisfaction.

As one ofTurkey's leading companies in the real estate and construction industry, SurYapı continues to make its mark in the sector with residence, office andshopping mall projects. Homeowners received their keys and started their newlife at Dora Park residences which were commenced in Ümraniye, in March 2006and completed within a short period of time by Sur Yapı.

Dora Park,one of the popular residence projects in İstanbul consisting of a total of 6blocks and 399 apartments, offers a peaceful life with its earthquake-resistantstructure, modern architectural design, social facilities that meet all kindsof needs without any extra payment and the surrounding forest area of thousandsof hectares Anyone willing to be among those enjoying a pleasant life at DoraPark can purchase an apartment, receive the keys and settle at any time.

Dora Park hasbecome a place for making new friends...

Located at adistance of 5 minutes to the Bosphorus and 8 minutes to the Fatih Sultan MehmetBridges, Dora Park offers a life both within and outside the city. Theresidents of Dora Park are establishing warm friendships while sustaining apeaceful and comfortable life.  Theresidents of Istanbul are enjoying peace and comfort with their new friends atDora.

The life hasalready started and is going on at a full speed at Dora Park designed by SurYapı, the architect of life, in a way to allocate 7% of the area for the livingspace and 93% for green areas. You better hurry to have an apartment at DoraPark.

Project Details

LOCATION: Ümraniye, İstanbul

SQUARE METER: 66 - 330

ROOM TYPES: 1+1, 2+1, 3+1, 4+1, 5+1

PROJECT TYPE: Residential

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