Sur Yapı Bahçeyaka Ispartakule

Sur Yapı’s New Housing Project “Bahçeyaka Ispartakule” is now up for sale!

Sur Yapı is bringing its quality and prestige to Ispartakule, a developing area on the European Side. Sur Yapı, which has recently started a new project in the area, has now started sales for its new housing project titled Bahceyaka Ispartakule. The new project, Bahceyaka Ispartakule, is an environment friendly concept, low-rise architecture which offers comfortable apartments, commercial spaces to meet daily needs, landscapes, social areas, a fitness center, bike paths, gaming areas, scented fields, joint concourse living, and is mutually appealing to investors and residents alike. 

Sur Yapi, which is a part of Sur Companies, is beginning a new housing and living project with an investment of 220 million TL, in Ispartakule, a modern urban faction of the European side. The project titled Bahceyaka Ispartakule, will be built on 21 acres of land, with a total construction area of 57,000 m² with 8,000 m² of green fields. The project will take up 7 blocks, and provide a total of 327 residential units. 

There will be a total of 64 various types of unit designs, consisting of apartments in forms such as 1+1, 2+1, 3+1 and 4+1 with unit sizes being available between 52 m² - 443 m². The project will be accompanied with 10 commercial areas to provide comfort in daily needs and tasks. The Bahceyaka Ispartakule housing project, which will provide Ispartakule with a new environment friendly belt, will have taken advantage of the location and wonderful view of Küçükçekmece lake. 


We have received 1200 inquiries in one week for Bahceyaka Ispartakule!

“In Ispartakule, the European Side’s modern featured area with planned urbanization, is to consist of a low-rise architecture, with 8 acres of gardens, ponds, waterways, bicycle paths, scented fields, which will be the green belt of the region claims one of the housing project designers Altan Elmas, also stating that we differentiate from the commonly green featured housing projects in the region with a low-rise architecture. We believe that as we have started pre-order inquiries recently for our Bahceyaka Ispartakule housing project, sales will also be completed in a short period of time. Even during the time when everyone was away for the holiday, we had received nearly 1,200 inquires within a week. We feel that we have created excitement in the region of the Bahceyaka Ispartakule housing project.”

“Health Center, the third Airport, Istanbul Canal, Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge, Mahmutbey-Ispartakule - Bahçeşehir metro line, etc. cause us to believe large community investments and planned urbanization with modern features will continue taking place, therefore, we will continue housing project investments in Bahceyaka. With a special launch offer of 10%+10% total upfront discount, opening prices starting at 225,000 TL for our housing project, we are also offering 60-month installment plans with an interest rate of 0.42 and 120-month installment plans with an interested rate of 0.70 in addition to the 10% launch offer discount.”


Unique location with ease of access

As Bahcesehir’s neighbor, Ispartakule is continuing to develop with increased large scale community investments in recent times. With the development of proper planning, and claim of an urbanized modern structure, Ispartakule, is also providing housing for community investors. The Bahceyaka Ispartakule housing project will be neighbors to the planned Istanbul Canal Project, and upon completion, will find themselves right beside the European Highway Ispartakule toll booths. As the Ispartakule metro station which is walking distance from the project, continues to be constructed rapidly, the Northern Marmara Motorway which opened on August 26th, is also nearing the construction of connecting roads. The project which provides easy transportation to the Medical Center, The Third Airport, and Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge, is also very close to Ataturk Airport…


Bahçeyaka Ispartakule’s views and landscapes are breathtaking ...

The Bahceyaka Ispartakule project, with 8,000 m² of green fields, and spectacular views of the Küçükçekmece lake, promises a nature filled lifestyle. Lavender, lilac, rosemary, sage, chamomile, lilies, cloves, and other colorful flowers and plants are used to fill the scented fields and gardens of the housing project. In the Bahceyaka Ispartakule housing project’s vast gardens, trees such as Judas, Silk, Temple, and Red Oak trees can be found. In addition to the colorful gardens that kids may play in, gaming centers and gaming parks are also available in the project. 

The Bahceyaka Ispartakule housing project not only opens the door for a socially active life, but life of prestige as well. Its Decorative pools, reading area, coffee corner, patterned pergola areas, indoor-outdoor swimming pools, water canals, and vividly colorful rainbows promise residents a peaceful and pleasant lifestyle. 

The Bahceyaka Ispartakule Housing Project also provides a multi-purpose sports field. With a skating rink, mini-soccer field, outdoor table tennis, a basketball court with 3 rims, climbing wall, volleyball court, hiking and biking trails, The Bahceyaka Ispartakule Housing Project provides sports lovers with a wide ranges of options. 


Project Details

LOCATION: Ispartakule, İstanbul

SQUARE METER: 52 - 443 m²

ROOM TYPES: 1+1, 2+1, 3+1, 4+1

PROJECT TYPE: Residential

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