Sur Yapı Şehir Konakları

Sur Yapı brings another exclusive project into life in Ümraniye. Introduced to the district in 2011, May with Metrogarden housing project, and continued to add value to the region with Metrogarden Shopping Mall opened in September, 2014; Sur Yapı now offers a new housing project “Şehir Konakları” and pursues its object of prospering the region. 

Sur Yapı introduces now “Şehir Konakları” housing project to its new habitants in the same region of Metrogarden Housing and Shopping Mall projects. There will be a total of 208 apartments, with 28 separate unit sizes, consisting of apartments in various sizes such as 1+1, 2+1, 3+1, 4+1 and garden duplexes. The project, designed with a contemporary interpretation of mansion architecture, catches the attention with 5-floor mansions. 


Şehir Konakları Housing Project is now up for sale with opening prices starting from 393,000TL! 

Sur Yapı initiates Şehir Konakları housing project with an investment of 13.200 million TL, built upon 13.000 m2 land, 4.000 m2 of garden and green areas, welcoming nature-lovers. While designing the blocks of this housing projects consisting of two 5-floor garden mansions, 9-floor terrace mansions in 3 blocks, and a 14-floor residential block; it was aimed to keep each one away from others’ sight and to create large gaps between edge-adjacencies and in living room – kitchen facades. The office – store areas are located as to face street-frontage. 


Şehir Konakları are just 600 meters from Metrogarden Shopping Mall and Subway! 

Altan Elmas, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Sur Yapı; “We reached a very satisfactory results when we could sell Metrogarden project we built in Ümraniye in 2012 within a very short time, one and a half month. We opened Metrogarden Shopping Mall, a sample of modern architecture, in September, 2014 and hosted more than 8 million people in the area. Since then, we added more value to the district. We believe that we will give the region a new impulse with our new housing project. This project is also located within walking distance from Metrogarden Shopping Mall and subway line. Thus, even driving will not be necessary for our privileged residents since all their needs can be met easily. Sancaktepe Training and Research Hospital with 400 beds and 55.000 m2 closed area, located nearby our Şehir Konakları housing project, will start operating very soon. Moreover, there are many private and public schools and educational institutions in the vicinity of Şehir Konakları housing project”. 


Low-rise, modern and urban project! 

Altan Elmas highlights the architectural structure and central location of Şehir Konakları housing project and states that; “In Şehir Konakları, which we designed as an urban housing project, we combined modern architecture view with mansion style. We construct our low-rise architecture project targeting the ones planning to live here. With modern architecture with reference to classical mansion architecture, and low-rise horizontal architecture, Şehir Konakları reflects urban and sincere characteristics. Besides, transportation is really easy… It is possible to easily reach all three bridges with bypass… It is only 600 meters away from the subway station to be opened at the beginning of 2017 on Üsküdar – Cekmeköy subway line. This station, intersecting with Metrobus [bus rapid transit] and bus lines also carries Şehir Konakları housing project to the center of public transportation via Marmaray connection. It is possible to reach Sirkeci in a short time by directly connecting to Marmaray without leaving the subway line”. 


Bringing nostalgia with its mansions… 

In the project, the green areas in front of the ground-floor apartments are surrounded by water-ways. This atmosphere lets the people living in ground-floor apartments experience the feeling of living in a detached house with its own garden. Besides, all living room and kitchen facades in all blocks have a garden view. 

In 450 m2 grove within the site, there are oak, linden, and redbud trees. With tree-houses, adventure park, ornamental pools and bridges, this grove introduces peace and serenity to the inhabitants of Şehir Konakları. Moreover, there is also a large district park, almost in the same size with the project area, just next to Şehir Konakları housing project. 

Şehir Konakları presents unique opportunities in social field as well. Sport areas, ground games, single hoop basketball court, and table tennis are introduced to the inhabitants not only to relieve the tiredness of the day but also to enjoy. Apart from these, there is also an indoor pool, female – male changing rooms, sauna, café, grass terrace areas, amphitheater shaped sitting areas, adventure park and outdoor fireplace, all of which make Şehir Konakları very desirable. 

Şehir Konakları, to rise upon a flat land, has a one-way ring road surrounding it and thanks to this, the cars cannot enter the site. People living in this site do not even need to take their cars out of the car park to go to shopping. Metrogarden AVM, only within walking distance, awaits to fulfill any needs of the inhabitants of Şehir Konakları. 


Şehir Konakları facilitates your life with its central and easy-access location… 

As one of the elegant projects constructed by Sur Yapı, Şehir Konaklar has a centric-location providing fast transportation to all four sides of İstanbul through main roads and link roads. Şehir Konakları housing project is just 600 meters away from the subway station. This station intersecting Metrobus and bus lines, carries the project to the center of public transportation with its Marmaray connection. 

Only 600 meters away from both Metrogarden Shopping Mall and newly-constructed Necip Fazıl station of the Üsküdar – Cekmeköy – Sancaktepe subway line; it is also possible to reach all three bridges easily with using the bypass close to Şehir Konakları… 


Now it is the time of getting the advantages of becoming a resident in Şehir Konakları… 

Sur Yapı one more time realizes the dreams of people who would like to have a house from Şehir Konakları housing project. With a 10% launch-special discount, this housing projects also offers 10%+10% upfront payment discount, we are also offering a great campaign until the 15th of October. We want to make the dream of having your own house possible; thus, within the scope of Şehir Konakları housing project, you can buy a house with 60-month installment payment plan with an interest rate of 0.42 or with 120-month fixed installment payment plan with an interest rate of 0.70.

The sales of Şehir Konakları housing project is carried out in Metrogarden Shopping Mall, only 600 meters away from the project, hosting more than 100 thousand people per week. If you would like to have a house from Şehir Konakları, you can get detailed information from the project sales office located in the -1. Floor of Metrogarden Shopping Mall and complete the purchase process in this office. 



Project Details

LOCATION: Ümraniye, İstanbul


ROOM TYPES: 1+1, 2+1, 3+1 ve 4+1

PROJECT TYPE: Residential

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