Sur Yapı Mirage Shopping Avenue

Güneşli, the rising star of Istanbul with itsoutstanding facilities like residences, 5-star hotels, colleges, universitiesand private hospitals, is developing day by day thanks to new prestigiousresidence projects and other enterprises. Sur Yapı Mirage Residence, rising inGüneşli district, which is also called as the 2nd Maslak, is going to be a newcenter of investment.  Sur Yapı Mirage isgoing to be the rightest choice for your future plans in Güneşli, with its 342luxurious residence apartments and shopping avenue containing 60 stores.

Mirage Cadde, to be located in the center of 3 blocksand 342 luxurious residence apartments, is containing a wide range offacilities from textile to service industries, cafes to restaurants andbringing various brands together. With its 60 commercial units, Mirage Caddewill be a significant point of shopping and life especially for the localcommunity.


Project Details

PROJECT DATE: October 2017

LOCATION: Güneşli, İstanbul

PROJECT TYPE: Shopping Street


Burhaniye St. Abdullahağa Ave. No:21 / 34676 Altunizade Üsküdar/Istanbul

(216) 556 08 00 (Pbx)

(216) 422 65 14

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